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National Institute of Medical Rehabilitation
Hungary, Budapest
The National Institute of Medical Rehabilitation as one of the firsts gave place to medical rehabilitation and physical medicine undergraduate and postgraduate study programs in Hungary. By the experiences gained over the years we became aware that certain most necessary topics in rehabilitation including orthopedics, surgery or amputee rehab, traumatic and spinal cord injuries, hemiplegia, brain injuries, bone and joint infections, TBC, rehabilitation of patients with different disabilities and other procedures or therapy methods.
MEOCLINIC Medical Center
Germany, Berlin
The MEOCLINIC is an international private hospital in the heart of Berlin. Only doctors and medical practitioners who are considered the best in their field work in the MEOCLINIC. Professors and specialists bring a maximum amount of specialized knowledge and the highest standards. Our experts work hand-in-hand, sharing and collecting their knowledge. We can promise fully integrated case handling. Every day we apply this interdisciplinary and integrated work principle in our private practices. MEOCLINIC is certificated in accordance to the international Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008. In combination with our expertise we also cooperate with the best hospitals and university hospitals in Berlin.
Privatklinik Bethanien
Switzerland, Zurich
Privatklinik Bethanien is ideally located on a prime elevated site on the Zürichberg. With 250 admitting physicians, this well-established clinic offers a broad range of medical services using the most advanced technologies and treatment methods. Privatklinik Bethanien covers all aspects of medical care, ranging from diagnosis, internal medicine and surgery to rehabilitation.
National Institute of Oncology
Hungary, Budapest
Our Institute is responsible for curing cancer patients, that we have been doing successfully for decades. After the surgical interventions and the different post-operative treatments most patients can return to their normal life and activities. The National Institute of Oncology has been the epidemiological, organizational, methodological, treatment, research and training centre of Hungarian oncology for more than half a century now. It can be compared with any other country's national oncology institute. It is the only comprehensive cancer centre in Hungary and in the neighboring countries. It is highly recognized and has a patient satisfaction index above 95%. The Institute's secret is the professional excellence and human strength of its staff.
Ars Medica Clinic
Switzerland, Lugano
Clinica Ars Medica has become the undisputed leader and the reference centre for orthopaedic surgery and traumatology of the locomotor system in Italian-speaking Switzerland. Perfectly organised around this discipline, with 32 specialists, 75 beds, a specialised emergency unit, a dedicated radiology department, 4 operating theatres fully equipped for arthroscopic and prosthetic sur- gery and a physiotherapy unit including a pool, Clinica Ars Medica carries out 3,200 operations every year.
CNAI Neurorehabilitation Center
Spain, Navarra
We are an integral, on-going and specialised neurological care centre, dedicated to the neuro-rehablltation of neurological injuries in both adults and children. Our objective is to contribute to improving the lives of people that are suffering from a neurological pathology. Our process aims to improve their autonomy, daily lives and, as far as possible, to achieve their integration back into social and working life. We apply individual, early, intensive and multi-disciplinary treatments. Our intervention operates on three levels: patient, family and social environment. We combine our hard work and knowledge with cutting-edge technology. We have a qualified team of professionals, the correct infrastructures and the most advanced technology, unique in Spain. We have the first rehabilitation walk-training robot, which also includes an upward and downward stairs action.
Links der Weser Clinic
Germany, Bremen
Klinikum Links der Weser is one of the biggest and and oldest clinics in Northern Germany. It belongs to Nord Klinik Allianz and is located in a picturesque part of old Bremen. Our highly qualified professionals and modern medical equipment is the guarantee of optimal diagnosis and treatment to the patients as well as surgical operations of any complexity in accordance with German quality standards. We will be happy to provide you with detailed information about our equipment, doctors, organization of teleconsultations and treatment for international patients. Your health is our priority.
Eaux-Vives Medical Center
Switzerland, Genève
An integrated part of the local health landscape, Centre médico-chirurgical des Eaux-Vives offers a broad range of medical services. Along with the Centre d’oncologie, it forms a multidisciplinary medical centre on Geneva’s left bank that groups together a total of 20 physicians’ practices in a pleasant, welcoming environment. With its main emphasis on general medicine, this friendly centre has built up specialties in almost all disciplines.
MEVA Nursing Home & Care Center
Turkey, Istanbul
Turkey’s first modern complex built as a nursing home... A nursing home and aged care facility exceeding European Standards... Meva is now your priority for your loved ones who cannot continue to take care of their lives any longer on their own due to any reason and who are in need of professional support or care. This is because you will find the A plus service concept required through your loved ones in Meva when they are in need of care. We define the the A Plus Concept as enhancement of the elderly or patient’s quality of life and comfort, and performance of the medical care works to the expertise of a complete team of professionals...
Privatklinik Lindberg
Switzerland, Winterthur
A member of the Swiss Leading Hospitals (SLH), Privatklinik Lindberg in Winterthur ranks among the best private clinics in Switzerland. It offers its patients first-class medical care, which is delivered in an informal and personal atmosphere in tasteful surroundings. The Clinic is located on the heights of the Lindberg and offers a beautiful view of Winterthur. It counts 73 beds and 130 employees. Each year, its 90 physicians treat around 2,500 stationary patients. Privatklinik Lindberg’s medical spectrum is very broad.