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The St. Zdislava Hospital is located in a beautiful landscape in the middle of the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands (Vysočina) and thus offers its patients the best conditions for a quiet recovery. The hospital has become a much sought-after medical facility. The quality of its care draws patients fr om all over the world. It is one of the few medical facilities in the Czech Republic to have the daVinci robotic system at its disposal and has thus become a specialized robotic surgery center - the Vysočina Robotic Surgery Centre. 

The hospital provides a wide spectrum of minimally invasive surgical procedures using the daVinci robotic system. Operations using the daVinci robot started as early as 2007 in the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands. Since then over 2000 operations have been performed by means of this robot. The number of operations performed grows every year and makes the Vysočina Robotic Surgery Centre one of the largest centres specialiszing in robotic surgery in Europe. 

Vysočina Robotic Surgery Centre

The Vysočina Region Robotic Surgery Centre is a modern surgery center offering a wide spectrum of minimally invasive surgeries using the da Vinci robotic system made by Intuitive Surgical. The da Vinci Surgical System allows for minimally invasive surgical procedures executed with the utmost precision and accuracy. The system includes at 3D view inside the patient’s body and a console which translates the surgeon's hand movements into smaller more precise movements that are executed by wristed instruments that bend and rotate to a far greater degree than the human hand. As a result, the surgeon is completely in control of the robotic system at all times.

What is the aim of the robotic da Vinci surgeries?

Classic surgical techniques often require far bigger tools and don’t allow for the same amount of gentle precision as the robot's more accurate incisions and movements. The advantages of robotic surgery are minimal blood loss, gentler handling of tissue, minimal scarring, short hospital stay, and less time in surgery. This system has resulted in improved surgical accuracy and ability while minimizing side effects of surgical procedures. This surgical system allows doctors a wider range of motion and better angling to provide better results than is possible with a human hand or laparoscopic tools.

What kind of surgeries can be carried out with the da Vinci robot?

We are frequently asked whether gall bladder, hernia or appendix surgeries could also be performed with the surgical system. Because the Da Vinci Surgical system substantially increases surgery costs we do not use it on surgeries that are done effectively with other, cheaper, methods. Robotic surgeries are only performed in situations wh ere open or laparoscopic surgical methods have not shown ideal results.

Our facility specializes in robotic surgeries carried out with the da Vinci system in the following areas:

1. Urology – radical prostate surgeries, partial kidney resections, plastic surgery of renal pelvis and nephrectomies.

2. Belly surgeries – stomach resections and resections of the intestines and rectum. We are also preparing for liver resections.

3. Vessel surgery – abdominal aorta reconstructions, pelvis reconstructions.

We are going to gradually include more surgeries into our repertoire in hopes of serving more patients with conditions that are difficult to treat.

How long does a patient have to stay in hospital after a da Vinci surgery?

Robotic surgeries are minimally invasive procedures that cause less damage to the surrounding tissue than more traditional procedures. Usually, patients suffer very little blood loss and there is very minimal scarring (5 scars of about 1 cm). Typically, these scars heal quickly and without any complications. This lowers postoperative pain which is typical of procedures which leave 30 cm or larger scars. These sensitive surgical methods shorten the overall recovery period which allows patients to return to their lives faster. The da Vinci robot is used for complex surgeries that cannot be performed as safely and effectively through common laparoscopic methods.

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Specialties & Prices

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Treatment / Procedure Price
Angina pectoris upon request
Atherosclerosis (ASVD) upon request
Cardiac rehabilitation upon request
Check-up «Heart» upon request
Congenial heart defects upon request
Coronary artery disease upon request
EECP upon request
Heart arrhythmia upon request
Heart failure upon request
Hypertension upon request
Hypotension upon request
Pediatric cardiology upon request
Treatment / Procedure Price
Adrenal gland disorders upon request
Climax upon request
Diabetes upon request
Goiter upon request
Graves' disease upon request
Gynecomastia upon request
Hyperprolactinemia upon request
Hypothyroidism upon request
Impotence upon request
Menstrual irregularities upon request
Metabolism disorders upon request
Obesity upon request
Osteoporosis upon request
Pediatric endocrinology upon request
Pituitary gland disorders upon request
Thyroid disorders upon request
Thyrotoxicosis upon request
Treatment / Procedure Price
Bile ducts diseases upon request
Colonoscopy upon request
Constipation treatment upon request
Digestive system tumors upon request
Duodenal ulcer upon request
Dysbacteriosis upon request
Esophagus diseases upon request
Gallbladder diseases upon request
Gastric ulcer upon request
Gastritis treatment upon request
Gastroscopy upon request
Pancreas diseases upon request
Pediatric gastroenterology upon request
Sigmoidoscopy upon request
Treatment / Procedure Price
Adrenalectomy upon request
Anal fissure upon request
Choledocholithiasis upon request
Cholelithiasis upon request
Colon diverticulum upon request
Esophageal diverticulum upon request
Hemorrhoid upon request
Hemorrhoidectomy upon request
Hernias upon request
Laparoscopic cholecystectomy upon request
Rectal prolapse upon request
Rectovaginal fistula upon request
Reflux upon request
Treatment / Procedure Price
Check-up «General» upon request
Check-up «Heart» upon request
Check-up «Men's Health» upon request
Check-up «Over 40 years» upon request
Check-up «Systemic» upon request
Check-up «Women's Health» upon request
Treatment / Procedure Price
Glomerulonephritis upon request
Pyelonephritis upon request
Urolithiasis upon request
Treatment / Procedure Price
Achilles tendon rupture upon request
ACL reconstruction upon request
ACL Reconstruction upon request
Ankylosing spondylitis upon request
Arthrodesis upon request
Arthroplasty upon request
Arthroscopy upon request
Bone dissection - Osteotomy upon request
Bursitis upon request
Calluses removal upon request
Carpal microsurgery upon request
Carpal tunnel syndrome upon request
Clubfoot upon request
Endoprosthetic replacement upon request
Foot surgery upon request
Fracture fixation - Osteosynthesis upon request
Herniated disk upon request
Joint instability upon request
Knee Arthroscopy upon request
Kneecap removal upon request
Meniscus injuries upon request
Osteoarthritis upon request
Osteoarthrosis upon request
Osteochondropathy upon request
Osteochondrosis upon request
Osteomyelitis upon request
Osteoporosis upon request
Pinched nerve upon request
Prosthetic restoration upon request
Shoulder surgery upon request
Spondylodesis upon request
Spondylolisthesis upon request
Tendon injury upon request
Total hip replacement (AMIS) upon request
Total knee replacement upon request
Treatment / Procedure Price
Polycystosis upon request
Prostatectomy upon request
Prostatitis upon request
Ureterocele upon request
Urethral stricture upon request
Urethritis upon request
Vasectomy upon request
Treatment / Procedure Price
Joint replacement - Arthroplasty upon request
Treatment / Procedure Price
Angiography upon request
Aortic aneurysm upon request
Peripheral arterial aneurysms upon request
Vascular complications of diabetes upon request
Treatment / Procedure Price
Biliopancreatic diversion upon request
Endoluminal surgery upon request
Gastric balloon insertion upon request
Gastric banding upon request
Gastric banding upon request
Gastroplication upon request
Sleeve gastroplasty upon request
Vertical gastroplasty upon request
Treatment / Procedure Price
Robotic adrenalectomy upon request
Robotic cystectomy upon request
Robotic nephrectomy upon request
Robotic prostatectomy upon request
Robotic pyeloplasty upon request
Robotic ureter reconstruction upon request
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