About us

There are a lot of distinguished and high-skilled professionals in National Healthcare Services all around the world as well as many excellent healthcare facilities with top-notch technology serving for both treatment and diagnostics. Nevertheless there are also a lot of patients that are not able to exploit these opportunities for a variety of reasons and exercise the right to high-quality medical care. But as soon as a phenomenon named health or medical tourism have been discovered millions of international patients can pursue medical care abroad and it is gaining growing popularity today. So our mission is to serve as a global gateway between you, the patient, and the most reliable healthcare providers worldwide. We also wish to make medical tourism simple to deliver its benefits and advantages to all patients seeking safe and high-quality healthcare.

International Patient’s Support Center

Here we present our interactive tool, which connects you, the patient, to global medical centers without any preliminary registration. Once you have sent a request:

  • Your personal account will be set automatically
  • Your account settings will be sent to your e-mail
  • Your request will be processed by medical center within 24-48 hours
  • You can view the doctor’s recommendations in your personal account, continue contacting medical centers, ask additional info and much more

You can also take advantages of:

  • Medical concierge services
  • Consulting about searching hotel, flight, airport pick-up, guide, interpreter and other travel related tips
  • Healthcare promotions worldwide
  • Or ask us for any help through our contact form

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Universal Platform for Medical Centers

We welcome new partners all around the world that share our vision of a Healthcare Professionals Society and wish to deliver benefits and advantages of medical tourism to all patients seeking safe and high-quality healthcare. On this journey, the role of our partners, medical centers and affiliates, is of evermore importance due to complement our capabilities and deliver added value to our patients. In our turn, we offer an international platform for medical centers to advertise full information about their facilities, set procedures and prices, announce special promotions, stay online and interact with patients in real-time mode. So, if your organization:

  • Is a medical center, clinic or hospital
  • Provides high-quality and cost-effective medical services
  • Wishes to deliver benefits and advantages of medical tourism to all patients worldwide
  • Or would like to use our resource as an advertising platform

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Affiliates Network

As stated above we welcome any kind of partnership sharing our vision of healthcare society, in which everyone is empowered to reach full potential. So, if your company:

  • Is a travel agency
  • Provides travel services that could deliver added value to our patients
  • İs involved in medical tourism in your area
  • Or wish to appreciate all benefits as our affiliate,

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Medical Tourism Guide

As a part of our vision of professional activity we also publish articles with an exclusive focus on medical tourism that may be useful and helpful for patients traveling overseas for wellness or treatment. So, in the context of information resource we also welcome authors of interesting publications that related to medical tourism and may take place in our Medical Tourism Guide. To learn more click here. Stay with us & keep healthy.