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"Notwithstanding the sight of all our miseries, which press upon us and take us by the throat, we have an instinct which we cannot repress, and which lifts us up." (Pascal) Our Institute is responsible for curing cancer patients, that we have been doing successfully for decades. After the surgical interventions and the different post-operative treatments most patients can return to their normal life and activities. The National Institute of Oncology has been the epidemiological, organizational, methodological, treatment, research and training centre of Hungarian oncology for more than half a century now. It can be compared with any other country's national oncology institute. It is the only comprehensive cancer centre in Hungary and in the neighboring countries. It is highly recognized and has a patient satisfaction index above 95%. The Institute's secret is the professional excellence and human strength of its staff.  The Institute's 7 research and 10 clinical departments fulfill their duties under high intellectual and technological circumstances. In a year we treat for about 16 thousand new inpatients, 20 thousand patients get treatments in multiple sessions and the number of our outpatient events reaches almost up to 500 thousand. The quality of scientific-research work can be characterized by more than 360 cumulative impact factors a year, by hundreds of Hungarian and foreign publications and lectures, by the training of clinical oncologists and radiotherapists, by the continuous extension training of doctors for Hungarian oncology, and by professional- and textbooks supplying a great need. The Institute has developed, took care and internationally qualified the Hungarian National Cancer Control Program, which had determined the developmental direction of Hungarian oncology for the past decade and which has been the foundation of the oncological chapters of the national health government policies. The Institute admitted and looks after the National Cancer Register. The Institute is continuously engaged in current questions regarding the structure and activity of Hungarian oncology, it considers its duty to support universities, hospitals, the National Board of Oncology, the Hungarian League Against Cancer and many other professional and social associations. According to the functions set down in its charter, the National Institute of Oncology of Budapest is the methodological, organizational, cancer prevention, training, treatment, and scientific coordinating centre for Hungarian oncology. The Institute conducts its treatment activities at ten inpatient and four diagnostic departments, with the assistance of 922 medical staff, utilizing 344 beds. In compliance with the European requirements for accreditation, the Institute hosts separate departments for radiotherapy, chemotherapy, histopathology, diagnostic imaging, and nuclear medicine. The most important parameter of the Institute's activity is that it is capable of providing the patients with complex oncotherapeutic (surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy) treatment. The staff and material facilities of state-of-the-art tumor diagnostics (CT, MRI, imaging, laboratory, and pathology) offer high-quality diagnostic and monitoring possibilities through the assistance of the expert team skilled in imaging, laboratory, and pathological diagnostics and the state-of-the-art diagnostic instruments (CT, MRI, and angiography). 

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Treatment / Procedure Price
Bladder cancer treatment upon request
Bone cancer treatment upon request
Bone marrow transplant upon request
Brain tumor surgery upon request
Breast cancer treatment upon request
Cancer rehabilitation upon request
Cervical cancer treatment upon request
Chemotherapy upon request
Colon cancer treatment upon request
Endometrial carcinoma treatment upon request
Ewing sarcoma upon request
Gastric cancer treatment upon request
Gene therapy upon request
Kidney cancer treatment upon request
Laryngeal cancer treatment upon request
Leukemia upon request
Leukemia treatment upon request
Liver cancer treatment upon request
Lung cancer treatment upon request
Lymphoma upon request
Medulloblastoma upon request
Melanoma upon request
Mesothelioma upon request
Neuroblastoma upon request
Nuclear medicine upon request
Oral cancer treatment upon request
Osteosarcoma upon request
Ovarian cancer treatment upon request
Pancreatic cancer treatment upon request
Pediatric oncology upon request
Photodynamic therapy (PDT) upon request
Pneumonectomy upon request
Prostate cancer treatment upon request
Radiation therapy upon request
Rectal cancer treatment upon request
Retinoblastoma upon request
Sarcoma upon request
Skin cancer treatment upon request
Testicular cancer treatment upon request
Thyroid cancer treatment upon request
Wilms' tumor (nephroblastoma) upon request
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    Year established 1952
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