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Inha University Hospital
Korea, Incheon
The Inha University Hospital opened as the first university hospital in the greater Incheon area on May 1996 with the spirit of the founder, Dr. Joong Hun Cho, that was the regional development of welfare and health care and the gratitude and return to the society and nation. The hospital's continuous efforts in the medical research, education and treatment have contributed to the local community and the development of national medical field. The Inha University Hospital is the nearest hospital to the Incheon International airport. The hospital is located in the middle of Youngjong, Songdo, and Chungla free economic zones, which have three major infrastructures including an airport, seaport, and teleport. With these geographical advantages, we are giving our best efforts to become the greatest medical port of the Northeast Asia.
HIMCHAN Hospital
Korea, Incheon
HIMCHAN Hospital has been providing specialized medical services and customer services since it opened YONSOO Hospital in Incheon, Korea in 2002 with the slogan "a benevolent art' and has built up a reputation as a hospital specializing in articular and spinal diseases. It is composed of 8 hospitals located in Gangnam. Gangbuk, Gangseo, Mokdong, Bupyeong, Incheon, Busan, Changwon and can have more than 1,200 inpatients. It has set up a specialized treatment system and sets medical environment so as to treat every type of articular diseases. It succeeded in the thirty thousandth knee replacement surgery in November 2008, and performed the eighty-thousandth surgery as of January 2014. In addition, it implants autologous chondrocytes or cartilage along with arthroscopy and cartilage explant culture. In November 2011 the Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare recognized its two branches as hospitals specializing in articular diseases.
Nasaret International Hospital
Korea, Incheon
Nasaret International Hospital was founded based on Nasaret Oriental Hospital which was established with Cooperative Treatment System of Modern · Oriental · Integrated Functional Medicine in 1980. General Hospital NIH provides emergency treatment · surgery · rehabilitation treatment for treatment in one place through specialized cooperative treatment of Modern · Oriental · Integrated Functional Medicine. NIH delivers accurate early detection of disease through advanced medical equipment such as MRI, 64-channel MDCT, ultrasonography, Olympus endoscope and also leads patient-centered treatment system with integrated medical information system including OCS (Order-Communicating System), PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) and EMRS (Electronic Medical Record System). With specialized medical team, most advanced medical equipment, reliable system and hospitable service curing mind, NIH would be trustworthy partner of people suffering from diseases.