MEVA Nursing Home & Care Center


Şile Yolu, Huzur Mahallesi, Abdullah Azam Caddesi No:35
Aşağı Dudullu, Ümraniye,
İstanbul, Turkey


+90 216 611 15 15
* Free of Charge

Turkey’s first modern complex built as a nursing home... A nursing home and aged care facility exceeding European Standards... Meva is now your priority for your loved ones who cannot continue to take care of their lives any longer on their own due to any reason and who are in need of professional support or care. This is because you will find the A plus service concept required through your loved ones in Meva when they are in need of care.


A new era is beginning in the health sector with Meva Nursing Home & Aged Care Facility... A Plus Era... So what does A Plus Concept mean in the elderly and patient care? Meva is Turkey’s first modern complex designed and built as a nursing home ... Now in Meva the service concept exceeding the European Standards is combined with the experience of its founders and employees based on long years ... We define the the A Plus Concept as enhancement of the elderly or patient’s quality of life and comfort, and performance of the medical care works to the expertise of a complete team of professionals...

MEVA WILL CARE ALL AILMENTS, Whatever the reason is… 

We serve our guests who want to spend their life due to any reason in a nursing home full of love and with high standards:

- Alzheimer (dementia)

- NGS and PEG Fed Patients

- Paralysis


- Parkinson’s

- Tracheostomy

- Oncology Patients

- Preoperative, Post-Op Care

- Bedridden Patients

- Multiple Sclerosis

- Ventilator Dependent Patients

- Inpatient Physiotherapy

- Psychological Support


Meva serves in European Standards in terms of building, furniture, equipment and supplies. Meva’s earthquake-resistant special security measures and state of the art fire extinguishing system has all the requirements of the modern era. Meva is the first complex of buildings designed as a nursing home in terms of its location and architecture. We provide have specially designed fully automatic beds for the comfort of our guests as well as orthopedic beds in addition to specially produced antibacterial duvets and sheet sets.

  • MEDICAL CAREOur guests are under the supervision of specialists in Meva. An expert medical officer accompanies our guests when they have to be taken to hospital in a private ambulance.
  • 1 CAREGIVER FOR EVERY 5 OF OUR GUESTS - A 5-star service...In Meva, there is one caregiver for every 5 of our guests while there is one nurse for every 10 of our guests. In Meva, experts prepare personalized reports regularly by considering the mental and physical situation of each of our guests Measures are taken and treatments are applied in line with these reports.
  • HEALTHCARE TEAM Psychological status is as important as convenience and comfort in elderly care. Our team consists of a wide and complete group of professionals including doctors, psychologists, physiotherapists, specialist nurses, as well as specially trained nurses...
  • REGULAR PSYCHOLOGICAL SUPPORT - Support & control in every moment. Psychiatrists and psychologists control our guests 24 hours a day in Meva... Our guests can also benefit from spiritual support and counseling as well as psychological support. Expert assistance is provided for each of our guests according to their personal beliefs and world perspective in Meva...
  • NUTRITIONAL BALANCE - Every meal is prepared with professional effort... The principle of personalized nutrition is adopted in Meva. Each and any of our patients can eat from a common menu prepared in the special kitchen or may request the preparation of a personalized menu.
  • We do not want to make our guests tired, but...A PHYSIOTHERAPIST SUPPORT IS ESSENTIAL: Our special physiotherapy room in Meva is ready for guests who are in need thereof. Latest technology active and passive physiotherapy equipments accompanied with specialists are in the service of our guests.
  • Specialist Supervisors Offering REGULAR SPORTS ACTIVITIES: Regular sports activities accompanied by specialist sports supervisors in the special sports hall within our facilities for all of our guests who are in need thereof need.
  • PERSONAL CARE - From head to toe... We furnish services for personal needs such as hairdressers-coiffures, hand and foot care, body care, constantly and regularly for our valued guests.
  • ACTIVITIES - Replace your loneliness phobias with hobbies...Our guests value their free times with hobby activities such as painting, marbling, wood painting, crafts and etc organized in Meva.... Because every moment of our guests is valuable for us.
  • SOCIAL THERAPY - Herald of the Second Spring... New friendships are established in Meva which provides a new social life opportunity to our valued guests and the therapeutic effects of socialization is experienced. This is performed so that they do not feel alone even for a moment.

ROOM FEATURES - When comfort of home is combined with the safety of a hospital...

  • Everything in Meva is designed for the comfort of our esteemed guests and their companions....
  • Each room provides comfortable living facilities with a TV, wardrobe, companion seat / bed, private toilet, bathroom, telephone, refrigerator, air conditioning and telephone.
  • Priority is given to hygiene of the beds, bed sheets, pillows and linen of our guests.
  • Each room has a (central) oxygen equipment.
  • Monitoring of rooms with camera system is provided optionally.
  • There is UPS support as to technical equipment of each room even if the generator is not operated.
  • Nurses call buttons are provided near the beds and in the bathroom.

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Specialties & Prices

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Treatment / Procedure Price
Chronic Respiratory Failure upon request
COPD upon request
Geriatrics upon request
Multiple sclerosis upon request
Parkinson's disease upon request
Physiotherapy upon request
Post-infarction rehab upon request
Post-operative rehab upon request
Post-stroke rehab upon request
Post-traumatic rehab upon request
Prevention of secondary complications of paralysis upon request
Psychiatric rehab upon request
Psychological rehab upon request
Treatment / Procedure Price
Geriatric assessment upon request
Geriatric internal medicine upon request
Geriatric mental health upon request
Geriatric nursing upon request
Geriatric pain management upon request
Geriatric pharmacotherapy upon request
Geriatric physical therapy upon request
Geriatric psychiatry upon request
Geriatric psychology upon request
Geriatric rehabilitation upon request
Palliative care upon request
Preventive geriatrics upon request
Available Features
  • Travel assistance
    • Accomodation
    • Accomodation of family members
    • Business delivery
    • Excursion/tours
    • Interpreter
    • Personal manager
    • Private nurse
    • Rent a car
    • Shopping
    • Transfer
  • Facilities
    • Bank/ATM
    • Cafe
    • Halal food
    • Internet
    • Mini-market
    • Pharmacy
    • Phone
    • Private rooms
    • Restaurant
    • Special food
    • TV
    • Vegeterian food
  • Languages
    • English
    • German
    • Russian
    • Turkish
  • In numbers
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