Navarra University Hospital
Spain, Madrid
The Clínica Universidad de Navarra (CUN) is part of the University of Navarra. CUN is a university institution. This implies that considerable importance is given to teaching and research. CUN closely collaborates with the faculties of Medicine, Pharmacy and Sciences and also with the School of Nursing and the Center for Applied Medical Research (CIMA). The CIMA brings basic research closer to clinical applications. Our mission is to provide excellent patient care through innovative clinical practice, integrating research and teaching at the highest scientific, human and professional level.
CNAI Neurorehabilitation Center
Spain, Navarra
We are an integral, on-going and specialised neurological care centre, dedicated to the neuro-rehablltation of neurological injuries in both adults and children. Our objective is to contribute to improving the lives of people that are suffering from a neurological pathology. Our process aims to improve their autonomy, daily lives and, as far as possible, to achieve their integration back into social and working life. We apply individual, early, intensive and multi-disciplinary treatments. Our intervention operates on three levels: patient, family and social environment. We combine our hard work and knowledge with cutting-edge technology. We have a qualified team of professionals, the correct infrastructures and the most advanced technology, unique in Spain. We have the first rehabilitation walk-training robot, which also includes an upward and downward stairs action.