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EVEXIA is a rehabilitation center that provides modern healthcare services and is equipped with medical nursing units, specialized medical and rehabilitation equipment and experienced personnel, treating patients with motor, cognitive and behavioral disorders. Our goal is to bring about the recovery of such patients with respect to functioning in their daily living activities, and to help them return to their family, work, environment and previous lifestyle. The management team bases its work on long-term strategic policies, following individualized patient management models, and has rapidly captured a large share of the rehabilitation market in Greece with 100% bed occupancy. The company continues to evolve dynamically.

The EVEXIA Rehabilitation Center is located in Chalkidiki, 18 km fr om the international airport. It offers 165 single and double-bed rooms, a high-dependency unit specialized in intensive care, microbiology and x-ray laboratories, and primary care services, including a laboratory and diagnostic departments.

Support and Guidance

We support our patients at every step, apply a strict quality management policy with respect to our services, and invest in our partners’ knowledge and continuous education by adopting the principle of reliability. We have built up our brand name within Greece and now we are working towards achieving this on the international health and rehabilitation market.

Evexia is a pioneer in the sphere of medical tourism, and has been treating patients fr om countries of the European Union, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Egypt. At a time when health systems worldwide are cutting benefits and face rising costs, Evexia is responding with cost-effective rehabilitation services, offering high quality standards by investing in the future.

Mission and Strategy

Our mission is to help patients enhance their quality of life and to regain lost abilities or learn new skills. Evexia’s strategy is based on four key principles that are aimed at achieving long-term and sustainable development:

•    Development of therapeutic solutions, focusing on our patients

•    Flexibility and rapid adaptability to all future challenges

•    Research and innovation

•    Systems and technologies

Services and Clinics

A. Rehabilitation Services

Depending on the patient’s clinical condition, we provide services either involving the patient’s hospitalization at the Rehabilitation Center or by providing treatment on an outpatient basis, according to a personalized rehabilitation program, thereby allowing him/her to return home. Various service packages for patients hospitalized at the Center are include:

•    Medical services provided by Rehabilitation Center physicians, a cardiologist, a pulmonologist, pathologist, and neurologist, orthopedics, an intensivist, urologist, pediatrician, microbiologist and radiologist

•    Nursing services

•    Recovery and reconditioning services, including physical therapy, robotic systems, training to increase capacity for daily functioning, speech therapy, education regarding swallowing disorders, treatment for mental problems due to brain damage, psychological support, therapeutic rehabilitation program in a comfortable adapted pool, and therapy using high-tech equipment.

•    Full feeding

•    Daily cleaning and changing of bedding

•    Free transportation of relatives from and to Thessaloniki during visiting hours

•    Free Wi-Fi and TV

•    Free laboratory examinations for patients insured by EOPYY

•    Free X-rays at a physician’s recommendation

•    Regular medical update course development

•    Advanced patient management service

•    Digital medical report of patients’ health

B. Outpatient clinics

•    Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Clinic

•    Cardiology Clinic

•    Pathology Clinic

•    Orthopedic Clinic

•    Pulmonary and Oncology Clinic

•    Bronchoscopy Unit

•    Psychology Clinic

•    Chronic pain Clinic

•    Spasticity Management

•    Preventive Medicine Clinic

•    Coverage by physicians of all specialties

C. Diagnostic and Laboratory Tests

•    Blood tests

•    Biochemical tests

•    Check bonding mechanism

•    Immunological (quality control)

•    Blood gases

•    Imaging

•    Urodynamic bladder control

•    Clinical evaluation of swallowing ability and evaluation of swallowing using the FEES procedure (flexible bronchoscope)

•    Lung Bronchoscopy

•    Soft tissue ultrasound

•    Heart ultrasound

•    Gait analysis

•    Balance and fall risk analysis using specialized high-tech equipment

•    Functional capacity evaluation of the upper end

•    Evaluation of cognitive ability

•    Analysis and motor education

•    Neuromuscular and functional electrical stimulation

•    Feedback (biofeedback)

•    Isokinetics

•    Microbiological examination

•    Diagnostic Ultrasound Laboratory

•    Qualification of Orthotic construction

Upper limb robotic system

Post-stroke patients have difficulty in regaining full function of upper limbs as the latter execute thousands of combined skillful movements, which require a certain degree of coordination, something that is disturbed after a stroke.

Neuroplasticity is the ability of the healthy brain neurons to create new connections with neighbor cells around the destroyed area in order to re-establish information transmission after being properly stimulated. Therefore, the key in the rehabilitation process is to evoke proper stimulation in the affected area. Robotic technology treatment is widely applied to all patients with various function disorders in the upper limb movement and applicable to all stages of the rehabilitation process; in cases wh ere there is no movement and the affected limb is moved automatically by the robotic device; in cases with some degree of movement wh ere the device assists and guides the patient’s upper limb, improving movement control and muscle strength. The device can achieve 300-500 repetitions/movements in an hour instead of 30-40 repetitions of the conventional treatment method. 

The most important advantages of this new method are as follows:

•    Shorter rehabilitation time and better results

•    Customized programs for each patient’s special needs

•    Accuracy in movement patterns, the basic element in rehabilitation

•    Hundreds of repeated movements in a short period of time

•    Efficiency in movement retraining

•    Pain reducing during the rehabilitation process

•    Increased joint range of motion

•    Reduced spasticity

•    Improved muscle tone

•    The patient can see the simulation of movement in real time through a monitor

Gait and balance analysis

Gait Analysis with simultaneous EMG recording (dynamic EMG) is a very useful study method that:

– enables us to objectively study the patient’s gait pattern, body movements , body mechanics , and the activity of the muscles.

– provides detailed information about parameters of the gait cycle, such as the stance and swing phase.

– allows for the assessment and identification of gait disorders in real time , that is not possible with clinical evaluation alone.

– helps us to plan individual rehabilitation programs focused on the patient’s specific posture-related and movement-related disorders and their optimal treatment.

NDT - Bobath method

The Bobath concept – NDT is a broad and ever-evolving approach in neurological rehabilitation that is applied in patient assessment and treatment (such as with adults after stroke, or children with cerebral palsy).

Principles of the treatment: education of kinetic models (functional), not individual muscles training.

· The sense of movement is taught.

· Trying to make easier the normal motion (normal motor patterns) while is trying to overcome the pathological pattern (kinetic model).

· Sets targets considering the operating motor level of the infant, his age and the child’s abilities, always in close cooperation with the family.

· The objectives are trying to make easier and to prepare the normal development of the active motor abilities of the child and treats it with a holistic approach.

Hospitalized treatment 

The Evexia Rehabilitation Centre provides hospitalized treatment for patients with gait, movement, balance, behavior and mental disorders caused by the following:

•    Diseases of the Central Nervous System

· Spinal cord injury (paraplegia, tetraplegia)

· Traumatic Brain Injury

· Stroke

· Multiple sclerosis

· Parkinsonian syndromes

· Tumors of the Nervous System

•    Diseases of the Peripheral Nervous System

· Polyneuropathy – Radiculopathy

· Nerve Damage and Injuries

· Motor neurone disease

· Postoperative conditions after brain surgery, spine, joints and fractures

· Musculoskeletal disorders and chronic pain of the spine, joints, muscles and tendons.

· Pediatric disorders (cerebral palsy, postoperative rehabilitation)

· Sport injuries

· Rheumatic diseases (rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing arthritis)

· Postoperatively after limb amputation

· Heart Disease: Cardiopulmonary repair following myocardial infarction, heart failure and post-operative cardiac surgery


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Specialties & Prices

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Treatment / Procedure Price
Cancer rehabilitation upon request
Treatment / Procedure Price
Cardiac rehabilitation upon request
Heart failure upon request
Treatment / Procedure Price
Contrast urography upon request
Electroneurophysiology Lab upon request
Gait and Motion Analysis Lab upon request
Urodynamic Testing Lab upon request
Treatment / Procedure Price
Multiple sclerosis upon request
Parkinson's disease upon request
Speech disorders upon request
Stroke rehabilitation upon request
Stuttering therapy upon request
Treatment / Procedure Price
Herniated disk upon request
Post-operative rehabilitation upon request
Treatment / Procedure Price
ACL Reconstruction upon request
Ankylosing spondylitis upon request
Arthroplasty upon request
Foot surgery upon request
Heel spur upon request
Herniated disk upon request
Malposture upon request
Meniscus injuries upon request
Osteoarthritis upon request
Osteoarthrosis upon request
Osteochondrosis upon request
Osteoporosis upon request
Pain treatment upon request
Post traumatic rehabilitation upon request
Shoulder surgery upon request
Spondylodesis upon request
Tendon injury upon request
Valgus deformities of the feet upon request
Treatment / Procedure Price
Pediatric rehabilitation upon request
Treatment / Procedure Price
Accident injuries upon request
Achilles tendon rupture upon request
ACL Reconstruction upon request
Amputee rehab upon request
Ankylosing spondylitis upon request
Aphasia upon request
Aphonia upon request
Apraxia upon request
Arthroplasty upon request
Asthma upon request
Ataxia upon request
Autoimmune diseases upon request
Back pain upon request
Brachial plexus injuries upon request
Brain tumors upon request
Cancer rehab  upon request
Cerebral Palsy upon request
Chewing - swallowing disorders upon request
Chronic Respiratory Failure upon request
Cognitive functioning assessment upon request
COPD upon request
Correction of spasticity upon request
Degenerative CNS disorders upon request
Diabetic foot upon request
Dysarthria upon request
Dyskinesia upon request
Dysphagia upon request
Fibromyalgia upon request
Fibrotic lung disease upon request
Foot surgery upon request
Fractures upon request
Gait analysis‎ - Plantogram upon request
Gait rehab upon request
Geriatrics upon request
Heart failure upon request
Heel spur upon request
Herniated disk upon request
Hollow foot upon request
Hydrotherapy upon request
Ischemic stroke upon request
Isokinetic dynamometry upon request
Joint diseases upon request
Joint dislocations upon request
Knee injury upon request
Logopedics upon request
Lumbago upon request
Malposture upon request
Medical simulators upon request
Meniscus upon request
Movement coordination rehab upon request
Multiple sclerosis upon request
Muscle injuries upon request
Muscular dystrophy upon request
Musculoskeletal system disorders upon request
Myopathy upon request
Neurological disorders upon request
Neuromuscular diseases upon request
Obstetric palsy upon request
Osteoarthritis upon request
Osteoarthrosis upon request
Osteochondrosis upon request
Osteoporosis upon request
Pain therapy upon request
Paraplegia upon request
Parkinson's disease upon request
Pediatric disorders upon request
Pediatric rehab upon request
Periarthritis upon request
Physiotherapy upon request
Pinched nerve upon request
Plantar fasciitis upon request
Plexopathy upon request
Polyneuritis upon request
Polyneuropathy upon request
Polyradiculopathy upon request
Post-infarction rehab upon request
Post-operative rehab upon request
Post-stroke rehab upon request
Post-traumatic rehab upon request
Prevention of secondary complications of paralysis upon request
Psychiatric rehab upon request
Psychological rehab upon request
Respiratory system diseases upon request
Rheumatism upon request
Rheumatoid arthritis upon request
Sciatica upon request
Scleroderma upon request
Shoulder surgery upon request
Slurred speech upon request
Speech and communication disorders upon request
Speech disorders upon request
Spinal cord disorders upon request
Spinal cord injury upon request
Spinal tumors upon request
Spondylitis upon request
Spondylolisthesis upon request
Sports injuries upon request
Sprains upon request
Stuttering upon request
Systemic lupus erythematosus upon request
Tendon injuries upon request
Tetraplegia upon request
The neck and shoulder syndrome upon request
Traumatic brain injury upon request
Valgus flat foot upon request
Treatment / Procedure Price
Geriatric assessment upon request
Geriatric mental health upon request
Geriatric pain management upon request
Geriatric psychology upon request
Geriatric speech disorders upon request
Treatment / Procedure Price
Autoimmune diseases upon request
Multiple sclerosis upon request
Rheumatoid arthritis upon request
Systemic lupus erythematosus upon request
Treatment / Procedure Price
Asthma upon request
Autoimmune disorders upon request
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease - COPD upon request
Pulmonary fibrosis upon request
Treatment / Procedure Price
Ankylosing spondylitis upon request
Osteoarthritis upon request
Osteoporosis upon request
Rheumatic arthritis upon request
Rheumatism upon request
Systemic lupus erythematosus upon request
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