Malvazinky Rehabilitation Center


U Malvazinky 1500/5, 150 00 Praha 5-Smíchov,
Prague, Czech Republic


+ 420 731 636 162
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Welcome to the Malvazinky Rehabilitation Clinic, your partner in the field of health care. Our clinic is one of the most advanced health care facilities in Europe. We provide world-class health specialists, technology, and patient customer service. The prestigious reputation of our clinic comes from positive experiences of previous patients. We ensure every patient has a personalized and friendly experience while working with our medical experts.

In 2013 we built a brand new pavilion with state-of-the-art equipment. These new rooms provide maximum convenience and luxury to our patients during their stay. There are 60 adjustable beds and a multi-media system (TV, radio, Internet, Skype) for improved patient comfort. We have also equipped it with the newest physiotherapeutic equipment. The new pavilion also features a new outpatient care area and a fully equipped fitness center.

Our expert driven services

We offer a comprehensive rehabilitation services focused on intensive post-injury and post-surgery rehabilitation. Furthermore, we target the prevention of chronic, painful and degenerative diseases of the musculoskeletal system (the spinal column in particular). Expert rehabilitative care is also available to patients with internal and neurological diseases. Additionally, we provide specialized services in sports medicine. We offer preventive programs aimed at physical condition enhancement by utilizing a full spectrum of physiotherapeutic services including hydrotherapy, with a custom swimming pool.

The clinic has a day surgery unit performing a wide range of orthopedic surgeries and an orthopedic unit specializing in total hip and knee replacement surgeries. The Malvazinky Rehabilitation Clinic is one of the few health care facilities, which provides comprehensive care related to total hip and knee replacement surgeries that includes preoperative, operative, and postoperative care. All the physicians within these various units have extensive clinical experience in their given field.

Our clinic also features a long-term intensive care unit. The unit provides long-term care for patients who have recovered from a critical health condition, but whose vital functions continue to fail or threaten to fail and are therefore dependent on artificial support of some of these functions. We also provide outpatient care in orthopedics, rehabilitation and neurology. Outpatient care in other fields of expertise is given at our new Malvazinky Castle Clinic, which is located just across the street from the Malvazinky Rehabilitation Clinic. The Malvazinky Castle Clinic provides a broad range of expert services – general practitioners, internal medicine, psychology, cardiology, physiotherapy and surgery.

The clinic is located in a quiet Prague neighborhood ensuring maximum privacy. It is operated by Mediterra s.r.o., which stood behind the opening of the facility and put it into operation in March 2003. Since 2008 MEDITERRA s.r.o., has been a member of the VAMED group.

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Specialties & Prices

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Treatment / Procedure Price
Gait and Motion Analysis Lab upon request
Treatment / Procedure Price
Check-up «General» upon request
Check-up «Systemic» upon request
Treatment / Procedure Price
Stroke rehabilitation upon request
Treatment / Procedure Price
Post-operative rehabilitation upon request
Treatment / Procedure Price
ACL reconstruction upon request
ACL Reconstruction upon request
Endoprosthetic replacement upon request
Fracture fixation - Osteosynthesis upon request
Joint instability upon request
Knee Arthroscopy upon request
Kneecap removal upon request
Post traumatic rehabilitation upon request
Prosthetic restoration upon request
Total hip replacement (AMIS) upon request
Total knee replacement upon request
Treatment / Procedure Price
Accident injuries upon request
Achilles tendon rupture upon request
ACL Reconstruction upon request
Acupuncture upon request
Amputee rehab upon request
Ankylosing spondylitis upon request
Arthroplasty upon request
Ataxia upon request
Back pain upon request
Brachial plexus injuries upon request
Closed injuries upon request
Dysarthria upon request
Dyskinesia upon request
Electrotherapy upon request
Fibromyalgia upon request
Foot surgery upon request
Fractures upon request
Gait analysis‎ - Plantogram upon request
Gait rehab upon request
Herniated disk upon request
Hollow foot upon request
Hydrotherapy upon request
Idiopathic scoliosis upon request
Ischemic stroke upon request
Isokinetic dynamometry upon request
Joint diseases upon request
Joint dislocations upon request
Kinesitherapy upon request
Knee injury upon request
Lumbago upon request
Medical simulators upon request
Meniscus upon request
Metatarsalgia upon request
Movement coordination rehab upon request
Muscle injuries upon request
Muscular dystrophy upon request
Neurological disorders upon request
Neuromuscular diseases upon request
Osteoarthritis upon request
Osteoarthrosis upon request
Osteochondrosis upon request
Osteoporosis upon request
Pain therapy upon request
Paraplegia upon request
Parkinson's disease upon request
Periarthritis upon request
Physiotherapy upon request
Pinched nerve upon request
Plantar fasciitis upon request
Plexopathy upon request
Polyneuritis upon request
Polyneuropathy upon request
Polyradiculopathy upon request
Post-operative rehab upon request
Post-stroke rehab upon request
Post-traumatic rehab upon request
Rheumatism upon request
Rheumatoid arthritis upon request
Sciatica upon request
Shoulder surgery upon request
Spinal cord disorders upon request
Spinal cord injury upon request
Spinal tumors upon request
Spondylitis upon request
Spondylolisthesis upon request
Sports injuries upon request
Tendon injuries upon request
Tetraplegia upon request
The neck and shoulder syndrome upon request
Traumatic brain injury upon request
Valgus flat foot upon request
Treatment / Procedure Price
Epidural upon request
Pain syndromes upon request
Spinal upon request
Available Features
  • Travel assistance
    • Accomodation
    • Accomodation of family members
    • Business delivery
    • E- Medical records
    • Excursion/tours
    • Flight/Avia
    • Guide
    • Interpreter
    • Personal manager
    • Private nurse
    • Rent a car
    • Transfer
    • Visa
  • Facilities
    • Cafe
    • Internet
    • Massage center
    • Mini-market
    • Phone
    • Private rooms
    • Restaurant
    • Special food
    • TV
  • Languages
    • Czech
    • English
    • German
    • Russian
  • In numbers
    Specialized centers 2
    Departments 5
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